Light & texture

Assignment #1, Rubric attributes: 1-8,11,13
Bret Weston

(Bret Weston)

Andrew Reed

(Andrew Reed)

This project explores Light and Surface.

  • It is essentially a formal assignment (it is not about content but rather, form.)
  • Consider roughly textured surfaces and the shadows and highlights created or removed by light at different  angles (of incidence.)
  • Consider smooth surfaces with strong spectral highlights vs shadow areas.
  • You will be investigating how to most effectively use light to control interest and mood.

What is light quality?

Things to consider:

  • Angle of the light source with respect to the surface of the subject
  • Size of the light source with respect to the subject
  • Distance of the light source from the subject.
  • Quantity of light sources

Andrew Reed

(Andrew Reed)

You will be reviewing

(1) How to focus the camera properly

(2) How to choose an appropriate shutter speed

(3) How to choose an appropriate aperture

(4) How to adjust for best depth of field

(5) How to determine proper exposure

(6) How to develop film

(7) How to determine the proper exposure for a print

(8) How to adjust the contrast of a print

(9) How to develop a print

(10) How to spot a print

Edward Weston

(Edward Weston)

Look at the work of the following photographers

Andrew Reed

(Andrew Reed)


  • Chapter 7 in Langford’s or
  • Chapter 13 in London

Andrew Reed

(Andrew Reed)

Your images will have

(1) Balanced and well considered composition

(2) Full range of tonality

(3) Appropriate use of depth of field

(4) Overall sharpness

(5) Proper print quality
Andrew Reed

(Andrew Reed)

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