Andrew Reed

(Andrew Reed)

(Diane Arbus)

Look at the portraiture of the following photographers:

Diane Arbus

Richard Avedon

Margaret Bourke-White

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Bruce Davidson

Carl De Keyzer

Joakim Eskildsen

Nan Goldin

Dorothea Lange

Annie Leibovitz

Sally Mann

Robert Mapplethorp

Nicholas Nixon

Irving Penn

Judith Joy Ross

Sebastiao Salgado

Cindy Sherman

W. Eugene Smith

Alfred Stieglitz

Paul Strand

It is important to remember this assignment requires more than just taking pictures of a person.

The most successful work will capture something essential about the subject, something about the real person.

It is not about using props to tell a story but rather requires insight into that part of your subject that is not often shown but is revealed by you. Alternatively, you may choose to work with a major element of your subject’s personality / character and capture that quintessential characteristic.

This is about capturing the decisive revealing instant whether you choose to work candidly or you choose to setup and / or pose your subject.

Either way in addition, I expect a strong graphic image, meaning all elements within the frame are carefully considered e.g.:

Your image(s) will have

(1) Balanced and well considered composition

(2) Full range of tonality

(3) Appropriate use of depth of field

(4) Overall sharpness

(5) Proper print quality

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