Andrew Reed

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Andrew Reed's art is of two basic types, generally each type relating to a particular process. One group proceeds from an initial concept. The form of this type of work arises from and is dictated by the concept. The other group is principally intuitive. Within the latter category, intent and concept are preceded and suggested by form. Form is often suggested by material and combinations of materials, its final form is known only when the work is completed. Work of that type is usually personal, mostly intuitive and occasionally cathartic. Work of the former type is essentially architectural in that it is conceived, planned and then executed. Furthermore its form follows from the concept and the communication of that concept is the purpose or "function" of the work. Often secondary / tertiary etc. referents will be suggested by the work's evolving form and decisions regarding their emphases are made during the work's execution. The best work ties it all together with threads of suggestive imprecision.

The object as experience. The experience is layered, multi-dimensional. Paths of understanding flash through some non-verbal intuitive mode but elude the concreteness of intellect. The precision of understanding slips into the light of recognition.

Aesthetics arise from the work's form and materials, often with industrial / technological references.

It seems logical to embrace technology and allow it to strictly dictate artistic aesthetics. In this sense, Reed's work seems modern but the classification must be challenged. Technology has no author, no signature. The work has no conscious historical lineage. The work is not about technology therefore it has no linguistic strategy. The work is not oppositional.

Andrew Reed's work is designed to involve the viewer. The viewer becomes the participant, the experiencer, part of the work, the expanded viewer, the expanded work.

The liturgy of egalitarian capitalism is preached by the rich and echoed by the fearful....... Ironically, nobody really wins.

Intellect only rarely touches the apogee of wisdom. This transience must necessarily descend back into the normalcy of foolishness.

We, as a country, have sublimated from barbarism to decadence without the customary period of civilization.

The NRA is the christian right's alternative to birth control.

Most evil in the world is attributable to religion, greed, or nationalism and yet we view all three as virtues.

The dogmata of capitalism and religion yield a pacified society of consumers afraid of change, controlled by government protected corporate interests.